Full Bobbin Designs Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern Quilt Block Designer

Resizing Patterns

Not all FPP Patterns are available in the size that you may want but there is an easy fix for that.  By using this guide you can photocopy your pattern pieces and increase the copying percentage to achieve the pattern size that you need.  

You can also print at an increased percentage from Adobe Reader by inserting the percentage you want into the box for Custom Scale under Paper Sizing & Handling.

The guide below shows the percentage needed to increase your pattern. 

For example if you have a pattern that is 6" x 6" and you need a 10" x 10" finished block.  Find the original pattern size in the left column and the size you need across the top row.  Where those two sizes meet will tell you the percentage you need to increase the pattern.  In this case you would need to increase your pattern by 167%.

This guide can also be used to decrease a pattern size if you need a smaller block.  Using the same method, let's say you have a 12" x 12" pattern and need an 8" x 8" finished block.  Find 12" in the left column and 8" in the top row and where those two measurements meet gives you the percentage that will decrease the size of the pattern, i.e. 67%.

If you have a pattern that is not even on all sides, e.g. 10" x 12" use the largest measurement provided which would be 12".

For patterns that are not square you can always square the blocks by adding fabric strips to give you even measurements. 

You can download the guide here.